The final cover
The final cover
My book about sketching!
Not only does this book showcase my sketches and personal journey, but it also has exercises I have developed with my students.
It covers sketching from life, urban sketching, and sketching from one's imagination. The text is also alive with stories and observations from years of sketching in all sorts of places. A sketcher on location an eyewitness who can observe amazing things.
Seasoned sketchers and beginners will find the book useful and entertaining.
Foreword by Amy Bogard.

I am always looking for new, cool compact sketching gear. 
It is smaller than 1.5" and has interchangeable mounts for a clip or a velcro strap.
I came up with the idea of this tiny palette, did a sketch, and Troy, my husband, engineered it and 3-D printed it. In addition to illustrating, I have worked for many years as an industrial designer, designing toys to fishing equipment.
The design is ingenious! It makes sketching in places like museums, where you have to check your bag or large purse in, much easier.
Load it up with paint and go!

I recommend pairing it with your favorite water brush.

My Kickstarter video shot by Tony Moorman and music by Hans Wald

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